AMKT Reconstitution - January 2024

Scheduled reconstitution for the month of January. Reconstitutions happen every 3 months on the 1st of the month and assets within the AMKT methodology are added or removed.

Assets Added: Alongside stETH, XRP (21 Co), ADA (21 Co), DOGE (21 Co), DOT (21 Co), LTC (21 Co), BCH (21 Co)

Assets Removed: MKR, LDO, CRO, MNT, OP, QNT

Index Description

The Alongside Crypto Market Index is a broad-based crypto market index designed to deliver market exposure to a market-cap weighted basket of 15 assets, rebalanced monthly and reconstituted quarterly on the first day of the month. The index is reconstituted based on the methodology provided by the AMKT DAO.

Asset Units
ADA (21 Co) 3.592439
AVAX (Wormhole) 0.03712467180107747
BCH (21 Co) 0.00199114
BNB (Wormhole) 0.015408519968943164
Wrapped BTC 0.00198959
DOGE (21 Co) 14.4725921
DOT (21 Co) 0.1282859239
Alongside stETH 0.006103999421049957
Wrapped stETH 0.005297749093365093
LINK 0.057706251332202134
LTC (21 Co) 0.00752138
MATIC 0.9706006543173924
SHIB 59859.71183056784
SOL (Wormhole) 0.043667884
UNI 0.06076242222774417
XRP (21 Co) 5.497904
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