AMKT Reconstitution - October 2023

Scheduled reconstitution for the month of October. Reconstitutions happen every 3 months on the 1st of the month and assets within the AMKT methodology are added or removed.

Assets Added: OP, MKR
Assets Removed: STX, GRT

Index Description
The Alongside Crypto Market Index is a broad-based crypto market index designed to deliver market exposure to a market-cap weighted basket of 25 assets, rebalanced monthly and reconstituted quarterly on the first day of the month. The index is reconstituted based on the methodology provided by the AMKT DAO.

Asset September Weights October Weights
Bitcoin 0.0020839586085446603 0.002093696242281743
Ethereum 0.012807520826179121 0.012651528875411508
Cardano 3.807875771961072 3.720492720174877
Dogecoin 14.818367570302351 15.176657007803952
Litecoin 0.007949088975540374 0.007858314089741051
Solana 0.045111451933083635 0.04151845100980098
Polygon 0.9960248741587272 0.9877015710041721
Polkadot 0.13488884597095344 0.13289201668658027
Uniswap 0.06445183985140691 0.06081783656359433
Chainlink 0.058294842178321774 0.05521229925620498
Cosmos 0.03812531376237136 0.03905191145877799
Stellar 3.0495446913327804 3.0402451002166755
Ethereum Classic 0.015475497517703565 0.014749701633633799
Internet Computer 0.04884889085501692 0.046065519939622025
Bitcoin Cash 0.0019725912838428274 0.001991656830297195
Avalanche 0.0377432197657012 0.03757751210776364
Shiba Inu 63261.75015813119 63914.00612448949
Quant 0.0012901135640611147 0.001299373067765353
NEAR Protocol 0.10209220256330356 0.10097142265427364
Lido DAO 0.09614453749279062 0.08727030368599599
Stacks 0.14606685489512158 0
Cronos 2.716872443988963 2.7337963818371387
Filecoin 0.04855632311243427 0.04761998595766843
Arbitrum 0.1405223871029263 0.12951869157017473
The Graph 0.9881787662369328 0
Maker 0 0.00009657746479811491
Optimism 0 0.08385810789241428

Who decides which asset is added to the index fund? How and where can I propose to add a new asset to the fund.

Thanks @rajpatil7322! AMKT holders can propose changes to AMKT starting with a post here and then via Snapshot here: Snapshot

AMKT is meant to follow a strict rule set so it remains reflective of the market. You can see more details on that in our documentation here: Governance - AMKT v2 Documentation

When is the January reconstitution going to happen or is it in process ?

Thanks! January reconstitution took place on the 1st. Will make sure we get the full post up here but you can also find the updated weights on

You can find the latest units here as well: AMKT Reconstitution - January 2024