How to get Certified and Licensed badge?

There are 51 badges in total, you can read more about each of them here. But I will tell you how you can get a badge.

  1. First you need to go to correspondence with @discobot and write @discobot start tutorial.

  2. Next, you need to bookmark the first post from @discobot.

  3. Copy the links from Wikipedia that @discobot gave and answer this post with them.

  4. Send any emoticon.

  5. Tag @discobot in your conversation.

  6. Write any text in bold or italics.

  7. Quote the text that is provided to you.

  8. Like the picture and send in return.

  9. Flagged the following message and indicate “its inappropriate”.

  10. Scroll up and find a capybara. Reply to this post with a :herb:

Congratulations, you’ve earned your Certified badge.

To get a “Licensed” badge you need:

  1. Write @discobot start advanced tutorial

  2. Edit your message.

  3. Delete your message.

  4. Restore the message.

  5. Mark any forum category.

  6. There is a bell in the right corner of the screen, change the status of the messages “Tracking, Normal, Watching”

  7. Create a poll using the gear.

  8. Create any hidden message using the gear.

Congratulations, you have received your “Licensed” badge.

If I missed anything, please tag me, I will edit post.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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