Getting started with governance at Alongside

The governance forum is for discussing governance related topics relating to the AMKT DAO.

The AMKT DAO governance process consists of 6 steps:

  • Discussion
    Users discuss changes they would like to make to the DAO with other members of the community.

  • Temperature Check
    Users create an informal ‘temperature check’, a temperature check is a soft vote where users can gauge the DAO Members appetite for changes before formally crafting a proposal to vote on them.

  • Proposal
    Users formally craft an AIP (AMKT Improvement Proposal) - a detailed proposal of changes they intend to make to the AMKT DAO. See Drafting a new governance proposal.

  • Vote
    The proposal is voted on by DAO Members through Snapshot.

  • Facilitation
    The successful proposal is evaluated by the facilitator.

  • Implementation
    The proposed changes are implemented on the smart contract.

Our documentation can be found at where you can learn more about the governance process and the steps involved from making a proposal all the way through to implementation.

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