AIP - AMKT Improvement Proposal (Template)

AMKT DAO proposals listed for consideration and submission to snapshot.

When creating a new proposal here, please make sure to:

  • Follow the template
  • Make sure it can be easily understood by non technical users
  • Layout in details why this proposal matters
  • Layout in details why this proposal should be considered
  • Be patient and engage with the interested people
  • Include AIP number when applicable (existing DAO proposal)


This should be a 2-3 line summary of your proposal.

Proposers: (Tag proposers here if the proposal forms a part of a collaborative effort)

Detail proposal changes:
Summarise technical changes to be made as a result of this proposal.

Why this proposal matters:
Outline why this proposal is important to the AMKT DAO, why these changes are necessary and how they benefit the DAO.

Why this proposal should be considered:
List other reasons why this proposal should be considered by the community.

Discussion Links
Include any relevant forum links to the discussions about this proposal.

Temperature Check: Was a temperature check completed? If so, link it here.

Once a proposal is ready to be considered for vote, please create a Snapshot vote. A temperature check is an informal poll to gauge the appetite of the Alongside community for the proposed changed. Once a temperature check has been completed, the proposal can move into its next stage - Snapshot voting where AMKT holders can vote for or against the proposal.

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